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This collided doesn't include any pings, rune notifier, level-up, stats change notifier, only skill hacks.

Works in 1.22 or lower PvPGN, Garena

This only works with 1.22 and lower (Doesn't work in 1.23, like most collided maps. They fixed it in latest version)

** You may get out-of-sync sometimes.

This map is modified/collided by The4Got10. (Not by me)

Just backup your original 6.59d somewhere else (Move original map out of Download folder) and then put collided map here.

First, type -ms(space bar) and you will see that it's activated
now type those commands (The best way is to set chat to observer to prevent ppl from seeing it)

- Basher 2sec stun delay removed.

Before using any of the cheats you have to type :
Code: [Select]
-ms[spacebar] to activate the cheats.

Modify Damage Hack (This doesn't modify your BASE DAMAGE but it modifies your skill damage as mentioned below)
Code: [Select]
-setdm [x]

Example, -setdm 10 = Damage x 10

- Impale (Neru,Sand,Tide,Demon Witch)
- Chaos Meteor (Invoke)
- Sunstrike (Invoke)
- Death Coil deals less to self (Abandon)
- Aphotic Shield more life (Abandon)
- Power shot (Wind Runner)
- Skill [1] (Necrolyth)

Modify Times Hack
Code: [Select]
-settm [x]

Example -settm 30 = Attack 30 times

- Omnislash (Yurnero)
- Eclipse totalhit (Moon)
- Eclipse targetlimit (Moon)
- Multicast (Orge Magi)
- Refraction (Templar)
- Chain frost (Lich)
- Decay (Undy)
- Astral Improvision (Obsidian Destroyer)
- Skill[2] (Necrolic) [MultiCount to maximum]

Modify Pudge Hack
Code: [Select]
-setpd [x]

Example -setpd 2 = Kill 1 creep and you gain STR +2

- FleshHeap (Pudge)

Modify Money Hack
Code: [Select]
-setlv [x]

Example -setlv 5000 = Use skill 1 time and you gain 50000 golds

- Devour Gold (Doom)
- Epicenter (Sand King)
- Epicenter 1 level = +2 pulses (Sand King)
- Lighting Remant(Lighting Panda)
- Penitence(chen)

How to Install
Delete Your Official 6.59d and put this map into your map folder.

Modifying Impale type skills will get you disconnected unless you're the host.